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We sell calibration weights for all sizes of scales ranging from precision balances to heavy capacity rail scales. We also offer comprehensive weight scale inspection services, including Measurement Canada Accredited inspections, and calibration services using government certified weights. We use government certified test weights for all our calibration services.

Rice Lake Metric Individual Calibration Weights

Metric Individual Calibration Weights

Rice Lake Cast Iron Calibration Weights in Two Colours

Cast Iron Calibration Weights

Rice Lake NIST Calibration Weight Kit

Calibration Weight Kit

Rice Lake Stainless Steel Calibration Weights

Stainless Steel Calibration Weights

Grip Handle Calibration Weights

Grip Handle Calibration Weights

Range of Scale Calibration Weights

We offer wide range of scale calibration weights including calibration weights for high capacity scales, portable scales, commercial scales, floor scales, precision scales, laboratory balances and more.

Representing Weighing Systems Manufacturers

We carry wide selection of replacement parts, load cells and accessories from Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Western Scale, Cardinal Scale, Ramara Weigh Scale and a select few other respected manufacturers.

Scale Manufacturer Catalogues

Links to catalogues / websites of manufacturers we represent: